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Washing of glass instruments

In the analysis work, washing glass instruments is not only a preparatory work before the experiment, but also a technical work. Whether the instrument washing meets the requirements, the accuracy and accuracy of the analysis results have an impact. Different analytical work (such as industrial analysis, general chemical analysis and microanalysis, etc.) have different instrument washing requirements, we are based on the general quantitative chemical analysis of glass equipment, washing methods.
First, the general steps of washing the instrument
1, scrub with water: the use of a variety of instruments for the brush, such as test tube brush, bottle brush, bure brush and so on. First with a brush dipped in water to wash the instrument, rinse the water with soluble material and brush to the surface adhesion dust.
2, with a synthetic washing water scrub: commercially available tableware detergent is a non-ionic surfactant as the main component of the neutral lotion, can be prepared into 1-2% of the aqueous solution can also be used 5% detergent aqueous solution, scrub Instruments, they have a strong decontamination capacity, if necessary, can be warm or short time soaking.
Wash the instrument upside down, the water out, the wall should not hang a small water droplets. At this point to use a little pure water washed instrument three times, wash away the impurities brought by tap water, you can use.
Second, the use of a variety of washing liquid
In view of the nature of the stains of the instrument, the use of different washing liquid can effectively wash the instrument. A variety of washing liquid in Table 1. It should be noted that in the use of a variety of different nature of the lotion, be sure to remove the previous washing solution and then another, so as to avoid the interaction of the product is more difficult to wash.
Chromic acid lotion due to the greater toxicity as much as possible, in recent years to synthetic detergent and organic solvents to remove the oil, but sometimes still use chromic acid lotion, it is also included in the table.
Third, the sand glass filter washing
1, the new filter should be used before the hot hydrochloric acid or chromic acid washing solution while pumping edge cleaning, and then washed with distilled water.
2, for the different precipitates with the appropriate detergent to dissolve the precipitate, or repeatedly washed with water sediment, and then rinse with distilled water, oven drying in 110 ℃, and then stored in a clean cabinet or covered Inside the container. If the accumulation of dust and precipitation clogging the hole is difficult to wash. Table 2 lists some of the washing sand filter plate washing solution available.
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