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What are the requirements for drying and storing glass equip

     First, the glass equipment is dry

  The instruments that are often used in the experiment should be washed and dried after each experiment. For different experiments of the equipment has different requirements for drying, the general quantitative analysis of beakers, conical bottles and other equipment can be used           to wash, and for organic chemistry experiments or organic analysis of a lot of equipment is required to dry, and some Requires no water trace, and some require no water. The instrument should be dried according to different requirements.
  1, dry not urgent use, the requirements of the general dry, can be washed in pure water after the dust in the inverted digging water, and then naturally dry. Place the instrument with a shelf with an oblique nail and a glass cabinet with a vent hole.
  2, dry and wash the instrument to control the water, on the electric oven drying, oven temperature 105-120 ℃ bake about 1h. Can also be placed in the infrared light oven drying. This method applies to general instruments. Weighing bottles used for weighing should be placed in a             dryer and dried and stored. With a solid glass plug and thick-walled equipment drying should pay attention to slowly warming and the temperature can not be too high, so as not to bake, the meter can not be placed in the oven bake.

  Hard tube can be used alcohol drying, from the bottom of the bake, the test tube down, so as not to drop the water tube to burst tube, bake to no water beads, the test tube mouth to catch the water vapor.

  3, hot (cold) wind dry For anxious to dry equipment or not suitable for large equipment into the oven can be dry way, usually with a small amount of ethanol, acetone (or finally with ether) into the water has been controlled (Solvent to be recovered), and then use the hair dryer                       blowing, began to use cold air blowing 1-2min, when most of the solvent evaporated after blowing hot air to completely dry, and then the cold wind blowing the residual steam, so that It is no longer condensed in the container. This method requires good ventilation, to prevent                       poisoning, can not access the fire, to prevent the organic solvent explosion.

  Second, the custody of glass equipment

  In the storage room glass equipment to be classified in different categories, in order to access. Often used glass instruments placed in the experimental cabinet, to be placed safe, high, large on the inside, the following proposed some of the custody of the instrument.

  1. Pipette washed in a dust-proof box. 

  2. After the burette, wash away the built-in solution, wash and fill the pure water, cover the glass short tube or plastic casing, can also be inverted folder on the bobbin rack. 

  3. After washing with a cuvette, filter the filter paper in a porcelain dish or plastic tray and place it in a cuvette box or a clean container. 

  4. Instrument with the mouth of the mouth or the color of the best color filter before cleaning with a rubber band or a small wire rope plug and nozzle bolt, so as not to break the plug or confuse each other. To be long-term preservation of the grinding instrument in the plug between the          pad a piece of paper, so as not to stick long time. Long time do not use the burette to remove the Vaseline back pad paper, with a rubber bolt to keep the piston. 

  5. Complete sets of equipment such as Soxhlet extractor, gas analyzer run out immediately to wash, put in a special tray to save. 

  In short, we have to be responsible for the spirit of the work, all the glass used after the equipment used to clean, according to the requirements of custody, to develop good work habits, not in the instrument left grease, acid, corrosive substances Including concentrated lye) or toxic               drugs, so as to avoid future trouble.

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